About Tonya Lyons

About Tonya Lyons

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It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur no matter where you live.  You can start and grow a successful business with little to no financial resources.  I just wanted a place that I could use to share inspiration, motivation, tips and resources with other entrepreneurs.

I am looking for like minded individuals to network with.  I have been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager, working for my step-dad.  My step-father Carter, was a man with a 6th grade education who was a serial entrepreneur.  He had a successful demolition, taxi, towing, furniture stores and countless other enterprises.  Learned a lot about business from him and my mom.  My mom did a few years of Mary Kay Cosmetics Business.

I realized very early that sometimes, you have to learn as you go.  Although you want to have a business plan, sometimes you have to test your idea and just do it.  Build your plan as you go. Sometimes we think about the logistics of making starting our dream business and we decide that it’s impossible to achieve such a big dream.  Nothing can be further than the truth.

The Internet has made it easier to start and run a successful business.  With technology and affordable hardware, you can leverage every business task and increase your productivity while increasing your business revenue.

You can become a success in whatever endeavor you choose if you have the right attitude and characteristics.  This is why everyone can become an entrepreneur, change your attitude and change your success.


Being A Successful Entrepreneur

What is an Entrepreneur?

According to one definition, an entrepreneur is someone who finances or initiates a certain business undertaking.  This really can include anyone who is a small business owner, a soloprenuer, freelancer, independent contractor or has a side hustle.  Many entrepreneurs have started large companies that are worth millions today, but started out in dorm rooms, garages and kitchen tables.  What made these businesses successful?  The characteristics of the entrepreneurs that started them.

What are the Characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

Are the characteristics of an entrepreneur really important? They are very important because if you don’t possess them, you will have lower chances in terms of business success. The characteristics are as follows;

1. Risk taker – this is a very important characteristic of an entrepreneur. If you’re not willing to take any risk, then you will not succeed in business. In the everyday course of the business, you will encounter a lot of problems and challenges which you need to make quick decisions.

Some risks are worth taking after careful evaluation especially if it’s for the good of the business. If you’re not a risk taker, then you may not be an effective entrepreneur and you could face failure if you don’t have a team with some risk takers.

2. Smart – being smart is another characteristic of an entrepreneur. You have to be clever, resourceful, and knowledgeable about your business. You have to know how to generate customers and keep them coming back.  This is not about having academic knowledge.

3. A leader – leadership is a characteristic that is hard to find among individuals. Not many individuals have the nerve to take the lead. To become a good entrepreneur, you must be a leader. Some say that this is a born characteristic but if you don’t possess it, you can also learn to become a leader.

You’re quite lucky if you’re a born leader because you only have to develop your other qualities and use them when you choose to become an entrepreneur. As a leader, you should be able to guide, influence, and direct people. This way, you can handle all your business activities with ease and fewer worries.

4. Inner passion for business – another important characteristic is having the right passion for business. You have to maintain your enthusiasm and interest in the business. As long as you have the right drive and passion, you can run the business for a long time.

5. Honest and trustworthy – No one wants to deal with a scammer.  If people don’t know you and trust you, they will be less likely to do business with them.  Some say that eighty percent of an entrepreneur’s time is dedicated to attracting customers. This may be true because without your customers, your business will not exist.

There are many other characteristics that an entrepreneur should possess.  If you want to finance a certain business venture and run the business yourself, you should develop these characteristics. Without them, your business will soon fail and you will suffer the losses.